We’re back with so much news!

Dear readers, writers, and punks: We have so much news! Those of you following @sunvaultantho on Twitter might have scene Likhain’s cover photos already, but we are in LOVE with her interpretation of solarpunk. The full cover reveal will happen soon!   The perspective, the colors, the bamboo—we might be biased, but we have the… Continue reading We’re back with so much news!

Interview with Rich Dana of OBSOLETE!

We caught up with Rich Dana at OBSOLETE!, another publishing outlet for the intersection of punk and SF! Tell us a little about your press and zine? OBSOLETE! The zine came first, in 2009. I was inspired to do an old-school underground tabloid newspaper, and the first 8 issues were printed in that format, echoing the… Continue reading Interview with Rich Dana of OBSOLETE!

Interview with Solarpunk Press

Even though Sunvault is closed for submissions, Solarpunk Press is another paying market looking for solarpunk stories! We talked with co-founder Faith Gregory about what solarpunk means to them. Sunvault:  What drew you to solarpunk and what still inspires you? Faith Gregory: Honestly, I wasn't initially interested in Solarpunk. Watson and I worked on the… Continue reading Interview with Solarpunk Press

On the Origins of Solarpunk

Guest post by Andrew Dincher As a genre, science fiction (SF) has a vague and contentious history. Some would argue that the genre began with the utopian narratives of Early Modern Europe such as Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia, while others argue that it began with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. On the other hand, some would argue… Continue reading On the Origins of Solarpunk

Sunvault Kickstarter is live!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1917678918/sunvault-stories-of-solarpunk-and-eco-speculation?ref=nav_search   Dear writers, punks, and speculators: The Kickstarter to fund Sunvault Anthology has officially launched! If you are planning on submitting to, reading, or supporting Sunvault, please consider buying a copy of the book through our Kickstarter. We also have some cool backer rewards that we are excited to bring you! Whether or not… Continue reading Sunvault Kickstarter is live!