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Preorders for Almanac for the Anthropocene: A Compendium of Solarpunk Futures is live! I’m so excited to be getting this book into everyone’s hands. When Brontë and I started working on the proposal for this anthology in fall of 2018, we weren’t expecting for the bulk of the work to take place during 2020 and beyond. While this has been a painful time, we’ve also learned a lot and hope this collection of different voices can inspire hope, action, and change.

You can preorder the collection here:

Cover of Almanac for the Anthropocene, with bright colors, a cabin, and a brushy garden.

I’m also happy to share the full table of contents! So many great writers and thinkers have come together in this collection, and I hope that every reader will be inspired by multiple pieces. I’ll be releasing some of my favorite quotes leading up to the release on my Twitter (@pheebs_w) and Instagram (@pheebzw).


Introduction: The Situation So Far   
Phoebe Wagner and Brontë Christopher Wieland

Part 1: Generativity

Not Just Solar: Creating Our Own Powers, Stories, and Spaces
Brontë Christopher Wieland

1. Solarpunk Is a Verb for Rising
The Commando Jugendstil and Tales from the EV Studio

2. In Defense of Hope
Margaret Killjoy

3. Feeding Imagination
Giulia Lepori and Michał Krawczyk

4. A Collective Gardening Shed of Concepts for Planting Solarpunk Futures
Christoph D. D. Rupprecht

Part 2: Independence

Building toward Autonomy: Ways of Reclaiming the Present and the Future
Brontë Christopher Wieland

5. Your Mineral Footprint
Gabriel Aliaga

6. Solarpunk Design Guidelines
Navarre Bartz

7. How to Build a Solar-Powered Website
Kris De Decker

8. Solarpunks See the World: Traversing the World without Destroying It
Craig Stevenson

Part 3: Community

“All Organizing Is Science Fiction”: On Dreaming a Solarpunk Community
Phoebe Wagner

9. Science Fiction and Disability: Engage!
Petra Kuppers

10. The Urban Reef: Breaking Down Barriers between Green Spaces in Urban Environments
Octavia Cade

11. The Commensal Canine
Susan Haris

12. Solarpunk: The Fruitful Revolution
Connor D. Louiselle

Part 4: Ingenuity

Solarpunk Ingenuity and DIY Projects
Phoebe Wagner

13. Visible Mending: A Recipe for Beautiful and Sustainable Clothing
Sari Fordham

14. Appalachian Solarpunk: Growing Trees from Seed for the Plant Revolution
Vance Mullis and Joy Lew

15. Anthrocene Strategy: Foraging
Michael J. DeLuca

16. Multispecies Community Garden: A More-Than-Human Design Concept Proposal 
for Well-Being in Shrinking Cities
Christoph D. D. Rupprecht, Aoi Yoshida, and Lihua Cui

Conclusion: Looking Forward 
Phoebe Wagner and Brontë Christopher Wieland

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